Monday, June 22, 2009

Day with Pops

As I walked away from my dad, I felt good knowing I gave him exactly what he wanted for Father's Day. He had been sheepish to ask but was prodded by his wife. A couple gallons of gas and a 30 minute Sunday drive is cheap but it delivered. He was happy the flowers were blooming and looked quite nice. It made his day to have a moment with his father. I was happy that for once I nailed the perfect gift.

As I walked around the small cemetery, I was taken back by a couple things. I didn't realize that my whole father's family was buried there. My grandmother's parents, grandfather's brothers and his parents. I hadn't noticed that before. Nor had I noticed the number of soldiers around them. The American Legion had put in markers for the veterans. Seeing the men that gave their lives for their country that hadn't seen 25 years on the planet was sobering. It reminds me to say a prayer for our troops stationed around our world, giving their time for our freedom.

I had called my pops just a couple days before asking if he wanted to out to eat or to have me toss some steaks on the grill. He chose to eat out. I gave him some days to think about it but was wondering what his choice would be. I figured it would be one of the local restaurants near by. I was wrong. He wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse. Later he would tell me the story of how we first went to one in North Carolina and has loved the chain since. He was more amused that his wife has never eaten a steak there. She loves the salmon and swears it is the best. I thought the meal was good, especially the veggies. Well done faux Aussies!

After dinner we went back to his house for dessert. I don't think I could have planned a better day. At the end, I made two people very happy. I think I will go into my home run trot and round the bases now.


Hey Jo said...

Good job. I took the boys to the cemetery to visit Randy. They didn't know but it made me feel better.

J. Gambino said...

Very nice. And I thought I scored a major coup giving my Dad the giant bag of Smokehouse Almonds! I am so happy you had a nice day with your Dad.

AletaR said...

You're a good son! My dad seemed happy with his Kohls gift card so he could pick out his new "Pool" attire rather than have his daughter pick out some crazy trunks.