Friday, June 19, 2009

Drinking for Jesus this weekend

The storms rumbled through just before midnight. I got out of bed to check some windows to make sure the rain wasn't blowing into the house. It was coming down pretty hard outside. Just when I was about to go back to bed a thought struck me. Did I close the garage door? I was out with the wee whacker earlier and now I could have sworn I didn't close the garage door when I was done. I peered out the window at the rain and thought it wasn't worth check. I can't see the front of the garage from the back door. I would have to go outside into the rain to see if the garage was open and I didn't think getting soaked was worth the little bit of security. There isn't anything of value beside the 2 vehicles so maybe someone would do me a favor by cleaning some stuff out.*

Turns out the door was open. Oh well. I was right.

The storm seemed to last quite long. First the heavy rain, followed by the thunder and lightening, and then more thunder. Enough to freak the cat out when it kept going on. But he survived after continually waking me up.

Looking forward to Drinking for Jesus tonight at St. Romans. Hoping it doesn't rain, not for the obvious reason of being at a church festival under a stuffy tent when it is raining sucks point of view but from a wet hill point of view. We usually park at a friend's house a street away and cut through a friend's parent's house and up a hill to get in. A wet hill would be a bitch to climb. And yes, walking a block and around the hill is not an option.

The things we do for beer.

*Things of potential value in the garage beside the car and truck: Gallon of gas. Cover for convertible. Broken lawn chair. Aluminum baseball bat. Hockey stick. Battery charger (about the only item that would piss me off it stolen)

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