Monday, July 13, 2009

Bug bite weekend

I survived a weekend in the wild. Though I felt like I was the main entrée at a mosquito buffet, I had a great time. The perfect cure for work. I just hope I can ignore the bites on my legs and not spend the day scratching at them.

One thing I have always liked about living in Milwaukee is that is doesn’t take much time to get away to the country. You can drive roughly 30 minutes in any direction and be out of the city and most of it suburbs into wide fields and farm lands. An hours drive to a campground where you can unplug from life and soak in what nature has to offer.

By you do need to get there first. Sadly, that means you need to deal with the morons on the highways who do not understand how to drive in a two lane highways in Wisconsin. These chuckleheads cannot grasp the concept of a driving lane and a passing lane. The right lane is a driving lane. You should stay in it unless you need to get by a slower car. Then you move into the left lane- the passing lane- to pass the other car. The left lane is not meant for you to cruise the speed limit and force cars to slow down or pass you on the right. Simple rule of thumb people:

If you are being passed on the right side of your car, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG LANE!!!

Do they not teach this anymore in school? I remember being taught this simple fact. Slower traffic keep right. There used to signs on the highway stating that as well but I don’t see them much anymore. It can really piss me off to see some person tooling along in the left lane oblivious to the traffic that is stacking up behind them. I guess I shouldn’t zip around them like I do. I should make a sign I can hold up but then I would seem like the crazy one.

I think that is what makes the beer taste even better when you finally get to the campsite and get everything set up. The dipshits on the road are forgotten and the company of good people takes over. Throw some logs on the fire and settle in to a relaxing weekend.

Unfortunately the weekend doesn’t last forever though and you need to pack up and return to the real world. Our group usually takes their time. People wake up on congregate around the fire on their own accord. When the time feels right Ben will start his packing of his truck which then leads to a quick breakfast before the real tear down begins. We aren’t necessarily on a rush to get back to the city but apparently others are. At some point I need to take a walk to the restrooms that have running water to clean up my contacts. I am always amazed at how many people have already left. The sites that were packed just 12 hours ago are empty by 10 am. To each their own I guess. I just hope they are the ones that I will be stuck behind on the highway.

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