Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something noisy

Currently, the office has a supply of Alterra’s Punch in the Face coffee for us to drink. This is some good stuff. I will need to see if they carry these beans in the store. I may need to go get punched again as I cannot seem to wake up. Can’t shake the cobwebs out of my head. There was something mentioned on the radio that interested me but I cannot recall what that was. That seems to be the kind of day I might have which could be bad as I need to get some stuff done after work.

Need to get cat food so the old ball of fur can stick around for a while. Wait, that may not happen as I just got a notice of a team get together after work today. Guess I will have to explain the term “diet” to the feline tonight as he whines for some grub. Yes, he does have enough to feed him tomorrow. If not I will throw some bacon in the bowl.

I need to get a toy for a nephew’s party this weekend. The kid turns one sometime soon. Don’t ask the date as I don’t know. I just recall the embarrassing invite I received showing the kid wearing some goofy costume. I must remember to slap my brother when I see him for allowing that to happen to his kid.

So what does one get a 1 year old? My plan is to stop into the Toys R Us and find the section for 1 year old kids. Once there I plan to find the most obnoxiously loud toy that I can. Something that the parents will hate but the kid will love. Something that will cause the kid to go ballistic if they try to take it away from him because it is annoying the absolute crap out of them. Ideas? Suggestions?

I came across this blurb the other day. The results for the United States Beer Championships were announced. Beer championship? I like beer. I like beer battling it out to be the best. Best beer is tasty beer. I was surprised to see local brewery Sprecher did very well, garnering a number of tops spots for the beers they entered. Going down the list I recognized a number of beers that I have tried in the past that received medals. I also looked at the list as a great shopping list of beers to be on the lookout for.

But there was one beer in particular that jumped out and brought a good memory. Schell’s Zommerfest. It may be the best Kolsch I have ever had. And with the warmth of the summer sun, this beer is perfect for anything you are doing during the months of July and August. I drank some of this last year and thought it was fantastic. Sadly I haven’t seen it around at the stores lately. If you see this, grab a six pack. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Shaun said...

I always get drums for kids under 10. Parents love those.

J. Gambino said...

While drums is a good gift, your motive would be immediately transparent. Might I suggest again the Little Tykes Bowling Set? All the bright colors seem harmless. Then the boy starts playing and your evil plot to annoy your brother comes to fruition. (Yeah, I had to work fruition into it)

my word is "undiume" sounds like what I tell Ben when I need him to help me with my bra!