Friday, July 10, 2009


I swear my cat knows more about what I am doing that I do. He knew I was going to be gone for a couple days and voiced his displeasure. He also decided to go the projectile vomit route to prove his point.

Really. Projectile vomiting.

I didn't see him do it but heard it. It was just after I gave him some fresh water and food. I heard the puking noise but noticed it was slightly different. Instead of a "Bleaaaaa and splat" it was a "Bleaaaaa and splash". It looked like he urped up a belly full of water.

Of course he wasn't done. He kept whining until I left. I feel sorry for him now. I mean, who doesn't miss me when I am gone? I think of what my friends and co-workers must go through when I am not around. Don't worry kids, you will get you fill of me this weekend.

It is a camping weekend which meant yesterday was a trip to the store to get my provisions. I had my list ready. Cheese...check. Lettuce...check. I really thought they were kidding when they said you could buy shredded lettuce in a bag. I figured I would save the money by chopping up a head myself but the bag was more convenient. Texas Toast...check. Holy crap! $3.29 for a loaf of big bread???

Once I got done with foodstuff I began the real shopping. In the liquor store. I wanted something different to take along. It is supposed to be a warm one this weekend so I opted for something light. Some Mike's Hard Lemonade sounded good so I grabbed a variation of it. I also got a sixer of Sam Adam's Summer Ale. Good stuff to drink after my arrival. I also got my mass produced brew. Looks like I will be living the High Life this weekend. To make sure I was different I also got cans. Actually that was more out of practicality as I needed room in the cooler.

Weather may suck today with some rain but the rest of the weekend should be quite nice. Forecast is for little to no mosquitoes for tonight but those bastards may be out in force tomorrow. Looks like I will have to bring my dodging shoes along.

Go rock on with your bad selfs this weekend!


Hey Jo said...

Why would we kind you about shredded lettuce?!?

You better not have forgetten the combos. It was on your list. Otherwise our weekend would not be complete.

AletaR said...

I think he pukes because he's nervous about the party he's having while you're gone.