Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Last Summerfest thoughts

Beef jerky returns on the 4th of July. People were saddened that they couldn't watch Sasquatch videos or get their steak bites earlier in the week.
The aftermath of a Judas Priest show. Good stuff.
Speaking of good stuff, stop staring at the cleavage and focus on the food. No, not the melons, the lasagna sticks. These may look funny at first but they were fantastic! Would definately get them again.
What is with the vagina shaped urinal? This one perplexed me at first. I even avoided it not knowing how the hell one would use it. Then I read the little plate above it. It is a waterless urinal. Really. No flusher attached. Somehow you pee in it and it all goes away. Funny story that I swear is true. I was taking a piss a couple spots away when two college aged guys walk up to use one of these. Guy is doing his business before he exclaims "Wow, water is cold. Pretty deep though!" Idiot has no idea of the waterless concept.
These people irked Gambino. They are playing gin rummy or some other card game. She did not think it appropriate to play cards at Summerfest. I can understand if you are there to see the main act and want to kill 10 hours, but if that is the case, why aren't you securing a seat up front? So glad I don't do anything like sit around for 10 hours waiting for music anymore.
Beers come in six packs. 'Nuff said
Really, this must be a joke or a bet. No one would intentionally go out in public with these sunglasses. Really?

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