Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Prez is a wuss

Its good to know that the President of the United States is wasting more money today by hosting what is being called the "beer summit". This supposedly smart guy caused all of this by opening his mouth and talking about something he knew little about. Instead of intelligently stating he had no comment until he learned the facts the called the police stupid and their actions wrong.

The police officer did his job and from what I have read from other police forces, it was the right move. Sure it sounds silly that they arrested the guy for insulting a cop. There is no law against that. However it some circumstances, those insults could lead to more and incite a riot. That was the best explanation I have heard so far. Makes sense to me. And because I am smarter than the president I will not say it wouldn't have happened in Cambridge because I do not know what the neighborhood is like. See O, that isn't too hard.

What I find appalling about the whole thing is the cost to the taxpayer to fly these two in to the White House for a grand photo op. If I was the cop I wouldn't do it unless I was going to receive an apology. I would want a guarantee up front that both of them were going to apologize for their remarks. Then I would go to Washington D.C. for the meeting. If I did not receive my apology I would walk out and hold a press conference and embarrass they hell out of them.

One thing I would certainly mention is Obama's beer of choice. Bud Light? You pussy. How about drinking a real beer! Get the local brew pub down the street to give you some of their Equality Ale. Have the Boston Beer Co. deliver some Sam Adams to the door. There are many beer companies in the United States that are owned, run, and sold by Americans. Each of these guys should be drinking a local brew IMO. Anything but a tasteless, watery excuse for beer.

I can hear you guys now blasting me for picking on his beer choice. Yes, I drink a good amount of Miller Lite. But I also drink a lot of other stuff. That has been documented throughout this blog. The one thing I do not drink is that pisswater from St. Louis.


SirFWALGMan said...

I have to agree. Bud light is like piss water. I fucking hate all those cheap ass bears. If your going to spend big bucks on flying people to the white house do not serve broke ass college kid beer.

StB said...

Obama probably had to be talked out of drinking Natty Light.