Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday thoughts

I have been battling a minor cold this week. Nothing serious. My throat felt a little rough with my nose getting stuffed up. I think it is a cold and not some kind of allergy thing. What I can say it the pile of tissues by my bed is from blowing my nose, not any other activity.

I noticed half a rabbit in my yard this morning as I left for work. Not sure how long it has been there though I would say not very. For the record it is the bottom half of the rabbit, about mid torso to it's hind legs. Some guts as well.

Not sure if I should get a shovel tonight and clean it up or let nature do its thing. There are foxes in the area so I assume they are the suspects. Or could it have been aliens? Maybe they will come by and eat the rest of the thing. I guess I will have to do something with it before I mow the lawn.

Anyone want pictures of the rabbit? Hey, just asking.

I avoided the president last night. I think government run health care is a mistake. Now people will claim it is not "government run" and say it wouldn't be like Canada. Bullshit! The government model would let companies choose not to have a program if the government version is cheaper. And they promise to be cheap so it would succeed early on. Doesn't matter that the government's own budget people say it won't save us money. They will force this upon us just like they want to force new energy policies that will drive the cost of gas skywards.

My favorite line last night from the talking heads came on a liberal show. The guest (it may have been Elizabeth Edwards) said (not a direct quote, just what I think I heard) "500,000 people are losing their jobs each month and have no health care. 47 million people have no health care..." Hmm...those 500,000 people are losing their jobs because of the bullshit "stimulus" plan the president forced upon us. A waste of taxpayers money that has lost more jobs than it has created. It is their own doing. Furthermore the number of people that do not have health care insurance is a load of crap too. In this instance we are to assume that the people that lost their jobs have no health care. Their spouse could be the provider. They may chose not to have any to begin with. They cannot justify any of the numbers they throw about because some people choose not to have health care. But they think it is right for the government to force it upon them and take their money (penalty of around $2500) for not having health care.

What happened to freedom to choose? Even funnier is the senators who think that if everyone can have access to free health care that everyone will suddenly learn to eat better and get more exercise. You know, live a healthier lifestyle. Again, bullshit! People would get more reckless. There are thousands of video on YouTube of some jackass falling off his skateboard and ramming his nuts on the staircase rail. Or the moron shooting bottle rockets out of his ass. That is who they think will suddenly stop being an idiot?

Bottom line. If Congress is not going to be on the same program as the rest of the country- something they have already voted not to do because their health care programs are among the best in the country- they we should all oppose it.

Boss is gone for the rest of the month! Whoo hoo! Bankers hours!

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