Friday, August 07, 2009

I need a beater

Warning: Language is beyond normal blathering as I was getting madder and madder as I wrote this.

It is rare that I get pissed off at other drivers on the road. Hell, I am usually the one pissing people off by honking the horn when they are talking on the phone or trying to get them to speed up. I love driving pass with a big smile on my face waving “Hi!” as they flip me off.

But this time I was on the other end. I actually flipped someone off on the highway. It happened a quarter mile before my exit. A blue Taurus suddenly changed lanes right in front of me. I am about two car lengths behind the car in front of me (yeah I know, some are saying that is too close) when this jackass decides he can jam his way in. It doesn’t matter that there is no one behind me. Not a single solitary car in the lane behind my vehicle. This jerkoff has to change lanes now and pushes his way in, ignoring me as I lay on my horn.

Oh, how I wish I had a piece of shit car and could just ram this fuckstick.

As I am cursing a bit I then notice the license plate. This twat has government plates. This asshat is being paid by my taxes? This dillweed that cuts me off is cashing a check at my expense? This made my blood boil.

But it gets worse. As I said this happened about a quarter mile before my exit. This cock sucker didn’t even get off at this exit! He jammed his way in- just had to get over in this lane- and for what? To exit somewhere down the road? Fan- fucking- tastic!

I was now in overdrive. I was beyond pissed. To cut me off is one thing but to do so when you didn’t even need to be in that lane is excusable. I hate people that move over into traffic when they don’t need to. And this pussy didn’t even own the motherfuckin’ car!

I turned up the music. Some Anthrax would help calm me down. But I still wanted to run the guy off the road. You will know I am about to snap when you see me driving a ’84 Monte Carlo that is beat to hell. I would suggest following me on the freeway. You may see me ram someone.

Hey, have a great weekend everyone! I am going to get drunk and put this bastard out of my thoughts.

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AletaR said...

Me too. My dealing was with the broken english store owner.