Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Start over

I have taken an interest in the government attempt to reform health care lately. From the shock that members of Congress think it is ridiculous that they be expected to read a 1000 page bill (isn't that their job?) to the citizens around the country taking the time to attend the meetings their representatives are holding. People want to have their voices heard. It is what this country was built on.

But you can't have government without the political parties. I have been baffled a bit by the actions of the Democratic National Committee. Apparently they are confused by the videos of these townhall meetings showing people just like you and I demanding that their Congressman or Senator actually read the bill or be able to answer questions about it. The DNC has gone as far as accusing the Republican National Committee of planting these people in these meetings to cause disruptions.

Really? That is the best you can do? Are you not paying attention to the people?

That is the one thing we can expect from political parties. Both parties. That they find the easy way out. Rather that analyzing what the citizens are saying they want to blame the other party for being the cause of the opposition, saying this isn't what the average American really thinks.

Sorry guys but it does. As much as you want us to believe that nothing is happening but people shouting at Democratic leaders, it simply isn't the truth. Yes, there is some shouting but there are a number of these videos showing people waiting patiently in line to express their view. They are not a bunch of radicals. They are not as one person said "too well dressed" to be against Obama's policies.

The DNC is acting like we should all fall in line with whatever the President says. That hasn't worked so well. The stimulus they passed did nothing. They want to claim that it will help in year 2 and 3 but that isn't what stimulus is designed to do. It is to get things going sooner rather than later.

But back to healthcare. The funny thing about the DNC's claim that Republicans are inciting mobs to spread untruths is funny. The RNC has actually read the bill and dissected it. Much of what the President says about not losing your doctors or taking away your healthcare isn't true. Sure the government won't technically take away your healthcare if their is a public option. Your employer will. Why pay for something that is free?

And this "free" healthcare will come at a price. When you need it, don't be surprised if you are waiting in line behind the people who have a cough and went to the emergency room. With free care, people will demand more of it, not less. People will not suddenly eat healthier because the president asks them too. They will not drink less. They will not exercise more. They will come to the teet of government health care more because they know any burn that is the result of blowing a bottle rocket our of their ass is covered.

But for the DNC to insult people as they have is amazing. For a party that had their finger on the pulse of the nation just 10 months ago they have really put themselves out of touch with what is happening. I think this video of Neil Cavuto sums it up:

I think the solution is pretty damn easy. The president needs to say to himself and his party that they are wrong. They need to scrap this plan and start over. They need to take the time to assemble a better plan. A plan that doesn't come together in days but months or however long it takes. America is against what they are proposing. The results are in the polls. An intelligent leader would listen and start over. But then again, I don't think Obama is as smart as people like to say he is.

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