Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Why bother with a condo on wheels?

As I walked around the campground I began to think about how each individual site reflected American different classes within society. People generally have a camper or a tent for the sleeping arrangements. But the facilities within each varied greatly.

The tents could be anything from tiny pup tents perfect for a child to crawl into to multi-room tents that could probably accommodate 4 adults. Some people would even set up a screen tent to allow them to eat without the bugs bother them. Some sites had lots of tents while others had one hidden in the corner.

The campers seem to be where the action is. All kinds of shapes and sizes from small pop-ups to Mobile Suites. I was amazed by the sheer size of the Mobile Suite. It looked like a condo on wheels. Just look at the floor plan. This trailer comes with:

A sofa
Table and chairs
A conventional oven
A pantry
A bathtub
A queen size bed
2 TV stands

The one Mobile Suite in particular that was at the campgrounds this weekend even had a satellite TV dish on a tripod outside its door. The rest of the site looked barren like no one had touched it. No sign of the fire pit have been looked at let alone set ablaze. I wonder why someone like that would even bother to leave their home. It seems to defeat the purpose of being out in the woods.

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AletaR said...

I second that, which is why I will never own one.