Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sanford like

I feel weird when I don't work during the week. Waking up, turning on the TV and seeing the market updates go takes a little adjusting. If I go to the store I feel like I am unemployed.

Well, now I look like it. It is day 4 of not shaving. For the most part, the results are what I expected. It seems think with a little patchiness on the cheekbones.

What I didn't expect was the white. I look like Fred Sanford except white. Elizabeth, I'm coming!!!

I figure I may shave on Saturday after the camping trip. I am not for the scruffy look and unless there is a dramatic difference I don't see any reason to let the experiment go an extra day.

I have spent some time looking for info on a fishing license for this week. Looks like I will need to pony out $20 for the rest of the year. What sucks is I could print off the license at home... if I had a printer. Instead I need to drive south to a store and get one. I could call a friend and stop by his place but he may be pissed at me because of a phone call someone else made to him on Sunday night. I would be the guilty accomplice to him. Thus I have to call to make sure.

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