Sunday, September 06, 2009


I am looking forward to a week away from the grind. Friday was a long day of work followed by a funeral and later on a story of a girl whose bright future is smashed by a freak accident (something I may over at a later date). The week ended in a bummer when plans fell apart last night and had me spending the balance of the night at home watching football.

But it is a new week. Time to start over. Time to relax. Time to not do stuff.

My simple goal this week is to maximize laziness. I could- and probably should- paint the bathroom but that would take effort. It would mean taping up the fixtures and getting some paint and putting some hours into it.

Too much effort. The only effort I intend to put out this week is bike riding and cutting the grass. Cutting the grass is a nice lazy effort. Walk behind the mower. Turn it. Walk some more. Easy stuff.

Another lazy goal this week is to not shave. I want to see if I can grow any kind of meaningful facial hair. Why? Why not? Never tried except for maybe the cheesy mustache I had in college. If memory serves me it never did come in full though I probably thought it did at the time. So I am curious to see what a week without the razor will result in. I just hope I don't look like some homeless guy who walked off the street and into the casino.

Yeah there might be a casino involved in the week. I may play only slots to keep in line with the lazy theme. Insert money and push a button. Very little effort. Then again, the hand motions used at blackjack aren't the strenuous either. I may have to skip playing poker as that would require me to pick up the cards. That may tire me out. Hell Pai Gow would be like a workout as you not only pick up the cards but have to sort them.

Other lazy items on the docket include reading and even fishing. I haven't been fishing in at least 10 years. I know people who love to fish so I figure lets experience what they enjoy. I just need to get a license. Was going to do that yesterday but was too lazy to get off the couch.

Hmm...that sounds like a good idea. Laying on the couch. Later.

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