Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Follow Driver

My goal yesterday was to observe and see how the people in the bar would react. I had a feeling about what was going to go down. They are sports fans. Sports fans do and say stupid things. They buy and wear derogatory shirts just to soothe their own feelings of rejection. There were two guys I noticed right away. One guy’s shirt had a cartoon Packer player peeing on a picture of Brett Favre. Classy. Another showed the state of Wisconsin and said “We will never forget you Brent”. Funny. It was just 2 years ago that they were cheering this guy on, having proclaimed him to be God. Now they had turned on him and wanted blood.

The local pregame was interesting. They had live shots of Brett Favre’s Steakhouse in Green Bay. That place is still open? They had a shot of a Packer Favre jersey on a doormat for people to wipe their shoes on. Not sure the mat was at BF’s Steakhouse or not but let’s think about it. Whether it is a 4 or 12 on the jersey, it is still a Packer’s jersey you are wiping your feet on. You are insulting your own team. Ok, no one called Packer fans that brightest in the league.

Then the game was about to start. It didn’t take 3 seconds of Favre coming down the tunnel until someone called him a cocksucker. A while later, they would show Favre’s wife and they would be called a bitch. Next they would turn on their own. They booed Rodgers for throwing a pick. Then it was on to head coach McCarthy and even Ryan Longwell. Really? You are still pissed about a kicker that left the team years ago?

That is how the night went. Crowd got uglier as the team got worse. They didn’t get the blood they wanted. Hell, the Packers defense didn’t get close to sacking Favre. I think they hit him once, maybe twice. In the end the old man outplayed their young buck. People can look in the paper and say Rodgers had better stats but it consists of a lot of garbage yards when your team was down by 16.

Packer fans should watch the end of the game when the players congregated on the field and follow Donald Driver’s example. He gave his old friend a big hug and looked genuinely happy for him. It appears Driver doesn’t hold a grudge. It is time for Packer fans to drop theirs.

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BamBam said...

This was going to be the basic premise for my post tomorrow. Oh well! Funny how the perspective around here was completly different.

Packers fans in my parts were still green, through and through. It was just with a bit of jealousy, that the green took on a bit of a brighter shade.

He proved why we miss Brett the QB.

Aaron will kick it in gear. He just needs a little seasoning and mistakes is how he's going to get that.

(unless perhaps, you'd like to share a bit of that chili with him?)