Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What a game!

Is there anyone in Minnesotat that isn't still drunk or at least very hungover this morning? After two big sporting wins, I wonder if anyone will be able to go to work today.

If you missed yesterday's Twins/Tigers division championship game, you missed one of the best baseball games you may ever see. It had everything. Great hitting, clutch pitching, big defensive plays, throws to the plate, and one huge hit that scored the winning run. You cannot call yourself a baseball fan if you didn't like this game. It was exciting, it was amazing, it was a game I wish my beloved Brewers would be involved in and win. Congrats to the Twinkies. You made up what, 7 games in September to win the division? That is what you call being determined to win.

What was up with the episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia that continually hawked Dave and Busters and Coors Light. I understand product placement is huge in TV now (Psych kept mentioning Doritos in one episode and some other show had a character offering someone an MGD) but this show overdid it. It was one long commercial for D&B and without a D&B in the Milwaukee area, it was that much more annoying. At least do some product placement for strip clubs or something I want to see.

Just saw a clip for a movie I may actually go see. Paranormal Activity. The trailer looks quite interesting. Reminds me of the Blair Witch Project, a movie I thought was brilliant (especially the ending). Seems to be the same style with a little more in the special effects department, but the bottom line still appears to be an old school scaring. Get in people's mind to scare them instead of blood and gore. Will have to keep checking to see if a theater in Milwaukee picks up the movie.

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