Saturday, October 24, 2009

I need a life

I went into work this morning, thinking I was going to be getting ahead of the game. By putting in some hours now, I can relieve myself of a huge burden come December. That will make my life much easier come January. All will be good and everyone should be happy. In theory at least.

But not all is easy in life. I get my butt in and try to access the system only to be greeted with an error message. No one mentioned any maintenance being performed. I try again and again, testing my sanity before giving up. I shoot an email to a co-worker on the east coast asking if work is being done. I was surprised to get a response so quickly figuring I would hear back on Monday. Nothing should be wrong I am told. He mentioned he shot a message to the vendor and would update me on Monday.

I figure I can get some other stuff done. No need to bitch and moan and go back home when I can finish a project. I figure I can wrap it all up and get out of here.

Again, life isn't easy. I get notification that the site is now available just as I was about to leave. Conundrum. Do some of the work I intended to accomplish or get the hell out of Dodge. Just as I want to pack it in the little voice in my head convinces me to give one more hour. I bargain with the voice and get more beer out of it. Yes, I just cut a deal with myself.

I need a life.

On a different note, who drinks Furthermore beer? It tastes like it looks. Cheap. I won't be touching that stuff unless I am forced to.

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Hey Jo said...

Thanks for the tip on the beer. I will bypass that at the liquor store tonight.