Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to being good

I had stopped watching Survivor a couple years back. The shine had worn off and it was getting rather boring. While others still tuned in and joined pools I ignored it and was quite content.

That changed this year. I believe I watched the first episode because there was nothing else on. With beer in hand I watched as the people walked up the beach and they told us about them. Blah blah blah. I see why I stopped watching. Then they seemed to focus on one stocky and cocky guy from Louisiana. He was spewing lies and opinion all over the place. He was the perfect villain this show needed. He went and burned up someones socks for crying out loud. He made me want to see what he would do next.

As each episode aired this guy kept on his conniving ways. He was brash, arrogant, and demeaning behind every one's back. Damn he was good. He has found 3 immunity idols so far, two of which he found just by searching for it. No clues needed or received.

But his team wasn't. Hell, they sucked. Bad. They were losing everything and by the time of the merge were horribly outnumbered, 8 to 4.

But now the teams appear to be even. Appear because anything and everything seems to be changing in this game. For the last 3 weeks the person voted off did not see it coming. They have totally been blindsided. First the loudmouth got the boot. This is great because he holds a major grudge. He scowls and roots against his old team from the jury. Next was the sacrificial lamb because of an immunity idol play (glad they are now allowed to play it after the vote and not before). And yesterday an evil witch got the axe when one of her team turned on the second vote.

Three weeks of exciting endings on Survivor. Three weeks of people looking totally dumbfounded and bewildered. As the Rocket Scientist pointed out- yes, there is an actual Rocket Scientist playing the game- the team that had the numbers did not have logic on their side. Thus, they are playing the game wrong.

I don't know if the show is on next week. I hope it is. Too many twists and turns that hooked me.

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