Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tarp that I approve of

My leaves are now piled up in the street. It took just over an hour to gather them together and move into a heap in the road. I employed the tarp method for the leaves in the front of the house. At first I thought I could push them through a gate and down some steps but there is a rail in the way. Thus the tarp came out. Or in my case an old shower curtain. I piled the leaves on and drug them along the side of the house, down some other steps and over to the curb between some cars. I had hoped people would move them but then realized they don't need to park on the other side of the street on the weekend. Anyways, there was little leaf loss on the dragging and clean up was minimal. That means a yard chore that I detest is done. Now I will need to mention to my dad that leaf blower would be an excellent Christmas gift.

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