Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Give some back

Thanksgiving is just 2 days away now. A time when people get together with friends the night before and get plastered at the bar before they eat too much and watch football all day long. A time where excess is the norm.

I would ask everyone to take a little time to think about those who are going through some tough times right now. The economy and job market are still pretty bad. Most likely you know someone who is out of work and seeking a new job. Or hopefully someone who did find employment but unfortunately not at the same wage they were making.

So I ask when you do your shopping this week, take a little time and a couple of bucks to toss a couple cans of veggies or other staples into the food barrel in the store or if the place you work at is having a food drive, drop off a bag of canned goods with them. Make sure they get something nutritious and belly filling.

But please don’t empty your pantries of the crap you don’t want. A can of chili. Really, you gave a can of chili? Nothing says Happy Holidays that a good case of gas. Hey, I could have given some credit if it was turkey chili but it ain’t. It is an invitation for Uncle Joe to clear out the dining room. Who brought the Diet V-8 Splash? I pointed this jug out to someone and their comment was “That stuff tastes like shit! I threw it out after one glass.” And what is up with the BBQ sauce? C’mon people. You don’t put Sweet Baby Ray’s on turkey!

What is next to show up? A jar of pearl onions? A can of water chestnuts? Maybe turkey spam. Hmm…I think I now know what I am getting at the store tonight.

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AletaR said...

Our barrel at work contained a lot of Ramen noodles. I did see several packages of juice boxes and other good things. We had a cash box to raise money to purchase Turkeys for the needy.