Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mama? Mama?

It is another dreary rainy day in Milwaukee. I am just happy it isn't colder because it would end up being a good amount of snow. I have 8 hours of work survival. 8 long hours. I do have a project that I need to tackle so it won't be 8 long boring hours. Well, I guess it will as the project is boring. That is why it has been put off for so long.

But I did find something that made me laugh this morning. The Muppets do Queen. It starts slow but easily kicks in when Animal hits the screen. Lots of nice surprises for anyone that watched the Muppet Show as a kid.

And now that I have made you smile I may make you mad. Read the story that should blow the myth of man made global warming to pieces. Sadly, politicians seem to be ignoring this, especially in the State of Wisconsin which is still looking to pass global warming bills that will kill industry here. The data isn't real but the manipulation and tricks to push forth their agenda is.

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