Monday, December 07, 2009

More annoying commercials

Snow is moving into the area with up to 14 inches possible by Wednesday morning. You can't keep me here. I will make my escape.

I need to escape some of the commercials I am hearing and seeing on television. Like the Gap commercials with the people dancing around singing about the sweaters they are wearing. Just when I think that is nauseating enough they come out with another one with snotty little preteens singing about how cute the boots are. Cute would be taking a fire house and turning it on them. Makes me have great contempt for breeders when I see an ad like that.

The other one that gets me is the Lexus radio commercial. Now they are not only promising that you will be giving the perfect gift, they are claiming you will get the best sex of your life in return. They have changed the tagline from a gift you will aways remember to a gift-and thank you- you will always remember. See, its the thank you. Like you are going to get the best head of your life if you give a car. Like the spouse will rock your world on the front porch because you gave a luxury sedan. They are doing everything but saying it. Maybe people out there have a fetish of bending her over the giant bow that comes on the car.


TenMile said...

Wish you hadn't written that. . . what happens to the prices of lap dances when they learn head is worth a car?

AletaR said...

"How cute are my boots". Unfortunably I have two 11 year old girls running around my house singing that song. And to think I got them boots from Sears.