Wednesday, January 06, 2010

crazy mofo mom

I am willing to put Wisconsin against any state for the title of craziest mofos in the country. It never gets normal in this state. Just when you think it is quiet and people are not laughing at us, some one goes off the deep end and does something that leaves you slack jawed.

I present to you the crazy chick from Kewaskum featured in this story, Mom told children not to tell about party booze, reports say. Yep, some lady thought it was ok to give some 10-12 year old children some champagne and Mike's Hard Lemonade while celebrating her daughter's birthday in a hotel room. Really? Sure we drink a lot of booze in this state but we don't encourage kids to drink.

But I think crazy mom topped herself. She tried to have 12 kids sleep in the same room. Some didn't because there wasn't any room. I would bet the one who slept in the bathtub passed out there. So what do you do to keep yourself amused throughout the night? Why make balloons out of the condoms that mom brought!!! But don't worry. Her daughter testified that no one had sex. Whew!

So mom is stuck with 10 citations at around $680 a pop for providing alcohol to minors. So far she ain't talking which I think is quite surprising. Usually stupid people like this end up talking to the press thinking they can provide an explanation that will make sense and exonerate them of their problems. I really expected her to come out and say she thought she bought non-alcoholic sparkling wine or that she wasn't aware what Hard Lemonade was. She let me down in that respect. She should just pay the money and get on with her life. She should be happy she didn't get arrested for getting minor drunk. What is that, contributing to the delinquency of a minor? Child endangerment? Not sure but I am sure she could have been arrested.

At the very least we get a good laugh out of this. A mind boggling laugh but one nonetheless.

Tomorrow will suck. Supposed to snow all day with my house getting socked with 10-12 inches of snow. I am hoping that driving to and from work won't be a nightmare. Maybe people will supposedly "work from home" and not clog the freeway. I just want my snowblower to work correctly for me.

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