Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter wonderland

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow.

Yep, we are to get a lot of snow today. Up to 12 inches by my abode. Looks to be all the light and fluffy stuff which is easy to clear but still will take some time. Hopefully the ride home won't be a pain (I have faith in Milwaukee County crews to stay on top of the snow) and my snowblower fires up easily. Mom's walk will have to wait until tomorrow when all the snow has fallen.

I have plenty of rum and brandy in the house so I don't need to go anywhere. Sadly I can't just take a day off tomorrow as well. Too many meetings on the schedule. How did I let my Friday get like that?

I started a new workout regime yesterday. I have some sore joints today but nothing too bad. I needed a break from biking. I will take it back up come spring when I can be outside. For now I really need to get back on track. I ate too much over the holidays. Hell, I haven't eaten normally in the last 2 months.

Speaking of food, I ran into an interesting show yesterday. Big Chef on Little Chef. From the title I figured it was a contest between a giant cook and a midget cook. I was looking forward to a set with a humongous stove next to a teeny tiny stove. Instead I find out it is about some highly regarded British chef whose task is to update the menu of a restaurant chain, Little Chef, in Britain. The non-cooking parts seem to be the most interesting. The CCO of Little Chef is fighting the real chef all the way. He isn't happy to be doing this. So far he won't show him any of the financials or tell him their profit margin, he has hung up on the chef, and he told him his food wasn't that good. Might have to give this a go and see if it gets interesting. There might be a fight.

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