Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I seem to be on a self imposed schedule change at work. Still catching up from last week with some really crappy little items. Hopefully it will be completed this week and I can get back into my old routine.

Every since they finished the road work last year, the traffic outside my workplace has been frustrating at night. I don't understand why but most people want to drive in the left lane of the 2 way lanes. This means they back up and block the access to the left turn lane. You know, the route I take. Bastards! It is frustrating when you see 3 cars in the right lane and 10 in the left. If just 3 of these cars move over I could get in the left turn lane and make the light. I need a shit car so I can ram them.

Today the frustration really got me so I took an alternate route. It is just a bit out of the way but handy. When I got to the entrance ramp for the freeway, I found an interesting site. A sheriff's car was parked on the right side in the accident lane. The sheriff was out in the middle of the lane directing traffic. As in she was pointing to the vehicle in the car pool lane and motioning her to pull over. She did the same to the Honda that was behind the first car. The cop was giving tickets who were making an illegal left hand turn and using the car pool lane entrance. That ticket has to be not only expensive but I bet it is embarrassing as well. I bet everyone stares at them as they drive by. I know I did and the I am pretty sure the old lady wasn't too happy.

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James Wigderson said...

It's really not fair because that was the regular on-ramp for years. The other on-ramp is just a pain and seems to add five minutes to a trip.