Monday, January 25, 2010

Train spotting

I made a day trip to Chicago for work today. Things went very well and we got quite a bit done in 6 hours we were there.

The easiest and maybe the best way to get to Chicago for work is by taking the train. For $44 you get there and back with the trip taking roughly 90 minutes, about the same time it would take for you to drive but a lot less stressful. Plus you can get some work done or read the paper. I read the paper today. I was shocked by how think it is now. The local ads seem to be gone replaced by full page ads for people selling gold.

I find the people on the train interesting. I don't know if the people that board the train in downtown Milwaukee are anti-social, selfish, or both. When they board the train they either take the seat by the window and throw their bags and jacket on the aisle seat or vice versa. By the time the train stops at the airport, it is pretty full but not as full as it appears. People get on and go searching for a seat that isn't taken. They go car to car looking for an open seat and taking whatever is available. When needed, they ask someone to move their bags. The guffawing that goes on it funny. People act like you are killing their mother by asking them to move a bag. People, put the damn bag on the rack above and allow people to sit down for the ride.

One trick I learned is the sleeping move. I noticed when the conductor came through asking for tickets that he didn't bother anyone that was sleeping. Though the snoring guy next to me had his ticket clipped on the back of the seat in front of him, the conductor didn't bother to take it and do that punch thingy thing they do. He also ignored the sleeping people across the aisle. I wonder how long someone could get away with that?

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