Friday, February 26, 2010

On the ice

I am heading up to the north for some ice fishing later today. That is up to the north and not up north as I consider it two different things. To be up north you must be further north of Green Bay. That is the demarcation line for me. Anything south of that is just towards the north. It is like still being in the city.

Anyways a friend wanted to go up there to test some new drill attachment he got. An ice auger that attaches to a normal power drill. After goofing off with it in the snow bank he wants to use in on real ice. I am willing to bet that the other people he would ask weren't available and he was left with me. That isn't a bad thing. I am not the total outdoorsmen. I enjoy it here and there. Thus my reason for going.

This is how I see the weekend. Drive through some rush hour traffic. Get up to his parents cabin/cottage/house, not sure what it technically is. Go to local bar and drink cheap bottles of beer or those little 8 ounce taps. Drive back to his parents place. Try to be quiet as we crash for the night.

On Saturday he wants to go walking through their hunting land. He has some motion cameras set up that has been taking picture of some big bucks. My friend says that there antlers are falling off and he hopes to collect some before the squirrels eat them. Yes, that is what I think I heard. The squirrels eat the antlers after they fall off. Now I didn't know that squirrels eat antlers or even that the antlers fall off. Maybe he said break off and I heard him wrong.

Around 10 he wants to be on the ice. Not sure if we are going to be just jigging or using tip ups. My main goal is to stay warm. Oh, and catch a fish. I figure since I have a fishing license that is good for one more month I might as well get some use out of it.

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