Monday, February 08, 2010

No wonder the country is getting bombarded with snow

Hell hath frozen over. The Saints won the Super Bowl!!!

The New Orleans Saints. Super Bowl Champions. Hard to believe I would even see the "Aints" grow up to win a championship. Well done guys! I was pulling for them. Not because of any wager I may have had on the game (I love teams catching points when I believe they will win outright) but because of some of the former Cowboys that were with them. Mainly Sean Payton. I wasn't happy when N.O. poached him years ago. But they noticed the talent he had in running the Dallas offense and saw more. Payton was expected to take over when Bill Parcells left. Sure it would have been nice to see Payton lead the Cowboys to another championship but I am happy to see he won one.

The game itself was interesting. The Saints looked so flat in the first half. The offense couldn't find its rhythm and the defense couldn't tackle. Addai was running all over the place and couldn't be brought down.

But the onside kick changed everything. Bold call that paid huge dividends. They will call that the game changer as it set the pace for the second half. It seemed fitting that a Pick 6 by the Saints would seal the game.

The commercials left our group scratching our heads more than laughing. My favorite was the Doritos commercial with the barking collar followed by the kid telling his mom's date to leave his mom and his Doritos alone.

Beyond that it seemed to be a bunch of people walking around in the underwear. It was like the underlying them was for people to be in their skivvies showing too much white skin. Guys walking across a field singing about not having pants on? WTF?

The one commercial that I have heard people loved was one that I thought wasn't funny. The Audi Green Police commercial seemed to real to be funny. I missed the humor in that one. Light bulbs, not recycling, having you hot tub too hot. There are eco-zealots that actually want things like that. It seemed to endorse such lunacy. I wish Cheap Trick wouldn't have lent the tune as well.

All in all I had a good time last night with great friends. Ate good food and enjoyed their company. I just need to remember not to go camping with people that own video cameras. That embarrassing stuff can haunt you later. And never leave your phone unattended. People may send text messages to strangers about condoms.


Hey Jo said...

It was a good time. I didn't mind the text. It wasn't as bad as the video. I got some "margarita covers" from my friend this morning. Ask Anita what that means. It's our code word.

AletaR said...

You would think that being the wife of the video camera owner would have given me the chance to erase that short film. There is always revenge.