Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Once again, little snow

The snowstorm that was supposed to batter Milwaukee is off to a pitiful start. I noticed how the forecast has constantly changed over the last 48 hours. Initially it was starting Monday after 3. That changed to after 6 and then after 10. There was 3-4 inches projected by 6am on Tuesday. Instead there was about an inch. Total snowfall was anywhere between 10-16 inches with the heavy stuff by the lake. Again, one inch by the lake this morning with a couple inches further west. I have heard it may be 8-12 now or even 6-10 with drifts.

They weather people have been pretty wrong about what is going to happen so far. I see it is still snowing and blowing so in the end they may be right. But if I have to wake up early once again just because they think there may be 4 inches on the ground for me to shovel I may just find a different use for said shovel. Weather person Popsicle sounds about right.

Travel in to work wasn't bad. Wet freeways until I got a bit north. It was messy as usual at my exit. I think the driver of the minivan that was driving 20mph shat a brick when as I passed her. She kept hitting the brakes as I came up behind her and still had lights on as I pulled aside her. 4 wheel drive rules people!

Cleaning this crap up tonight won't be fun. I am hoping the freeways are salted enough to handle the blowing snow. Maybe a lot of people wussed out and didn't go in to work today. I just hope the snow blower starts. Gauging the wind will be critical for easy clearing tonight.

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