Monday, March 01, 2010

Seat belts on for a rough week

What can I say, losing the gold medal hockey game yesterday sucked. Team USA played a good tournament. They had the hot goalie and used that to play aggressively. Unfortunately one bad bounce gives them a silver instead of a gold. It was still a great run. Well done boys.

I don't know what it was but by 1 this afternoon my ass was dragging. It isn't like I drank a lot during the game. I was out with a buddy who gave up drinking for Lent. I know what a stupid mistake that is and still don't understand why he does it year after year. Thus the consumption of any booze stopped once the game was over.

It doesn't get any better this week either. My calendar is clogged up tomorrow. Meeting after meeting all day. That means I am screwed with my regular work and will either have to work at night or have a shitload of work next week. It looks like next week will suck too.

Might as well start drinking in preparation for the weekend. I have some Sierra Nevada Glissage Golden Bock in the fridge. Time to give it some company.