Friday, April 30, 2010

For you puddin'

There was one person in front of me at the checkout line. A petite girl of Latino dissent. She had what appeared to be a bag of dried peppers on the conveyor belt. I noticed a look of WTF? when I put my purchases on the belt after hers. 2 packages of chili mix, a big bottle of Franks Red Hot a birthday card, and 4 packages of Jell-O pudding. That WTF? look soon became a "Man, this guy really likes pudding" look.

But the pudding wasn't for me. Note the birthday card. Yesterday was my friend's, Lolita, birthday. And she is a pudding fiend. All we hear from her is how she had pudding with her lunch. Or how someone took her pudding. Or how her grandkids stole her pudding. Thus I figured what better a gift for her than some pudding. Ok, I also gave her a gift card. One that will probably be used to buy beer.

I wonder if she drinks beer with her pudding...

1 comment:

AletaR said...

Beer with pudding? Now that is just wrong.