Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MATC- a step toward stupidity

I am curious. If I went to an MATC campus and just started taking classes without registerig for them, what would happen? Apparently nothing.

The board of directors for the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) has passed a resolution to boycott all product and services with Arizona companies. Really? Does anyone really care about this?

These piss ants think they are important enough to make a statement that will make a change.
Screw them!

There are two sentences in the story that jump out at me.

The Arizona legislation requires police to detain people reasonably
suspected of being in the country illegally and charge immigrants for not
carrying immigration documents.

An MATC news release issued Tuesday night
stated that enforcement will lead to racial profiling and strain relationships
between law enforcement and ethnic communities.

That first one is interesting. Is that a quote from the MATC board or the reporter? Either which way it is blatantly incorrect. The legislation does not allow police to detain anyone based on suspicion. They may have a reason to stop them in the first place. Then they can ask for ID. Wait, isn't that what Wisconsin does? Ask for ID. In fact, I believe the state requires you to have ID. Silly laws.

But the question still persists. Did the reporter intentionally misrepresent the law or did they even read it in the first place? Most people complaining about the law have not read it. Did Jesse Garza?

The claim of the MATC board is funny in its own right. It is pure opinion and biased assumption. Does the MATC board understand that their is a strain already? What the board is saying is that laws do not need to be enforced if it hurts someone feelings. Some will say that violent crime is actually declining. Sure that is a good thing. So why not take tougher steps to send a signal?

My beef with this action is simple. It better not raise my taxes. A portion of my property taxes go to fund MATC. The board can decide who they want to do business with. I have no problem with that. But if their action causes them to spend more money to enforce their silly boycott, then they need to be replaced. They are not elected to this position; they can be removed. Any new contract to support this boycott MUST come in lower than the one being revoked. Any business trip elsewhere CANNOT cost more than one to Arizona.

The board at MATC can do whatever they want. They just need to remember the Milwaukee County taxpayer cannot be adversely affected.

Back to the opening question. If I went to an MATC campus and just started taking classes without registerig for them, what would happen? If they are concerned about illegal immigrants- let us not forget that key word, illegal- being removed from the country, then they shouldn't be concerned about removing me from a classroom.

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Hey Jo said...

Our lovely state doesn't require you to provide ID to vote so why should we expect people to have one to drive or prove who you are if you get pulled over.