Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mexican, of course!

I know most guys will be nodding their heads when they read this. For us it is an unwritten rule, something in our head that clicks when we get older. You just know it.

The conversation at work was about a couple who had recently broker up. The guy in the relationship wanted to get some clarification on what happend and took out the lady for one last dinner together. At that point I asked where they went to eat. My guess was a placed that served Mexican food. My two female co-workers gave me a puzzled look and asked why I would answer that. I told them the answer was simple.


Most guys are going to want one "last hurrah". You know, one for the road. A victory lap before you retire from that playing field.

Mexican food is the logical step. You can get a couple of magaritas in her and loosen up the conversation. You get back to friendly terms and then friendly turns. Before you know it is early morning and you are wishing her the best as she picks her clothes off the floor. It is the magic of tequila.

In fact, I bet you cannot find 5 straight guys that can prove me wrong.


Grange95 said...

As your token gay male reader, let me assure you that it is purely a guy thing, no need to break it down further into gay/straight.

Of course, Patron on the rocks with a wedge of lime is my preferred summer drink, but margaritas work just fine.

StB said...

Thanks Grange. I have updated.

AletaR said...

A Victory Lap? Now that is funny.

We'll be watching for the next time you go out for Mexican.

A Victory Lap....