Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back from camp

I drank quite a bit on Friday night. And I felt it the next morning. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or missing my own bed, but I was hurting as I tried to cook pudgy pies for the group.

Polishing off 21 beers will do that. So close to finishing the case. I wish I had realized it that night. I would have gone the extra distance instead of crashing at 4:30. At least I have a goal for the next trip.

This weekend was interesting for a couple of reasons. But the most notable was the weather. All week we heard about how warm the weekend would be. As the weekend drew closer, the forecast was for it to be warm and humid. Temperatures were to be in the mid to high 80s with plenty of sun.

So I packed a number of t-shirts and shorts. I knew cooking breakfast on Saturday morning would be a warm one and I would need a clean t-shirt. I thought I had packed accordingly. Man was I wrong!

The weather changed and it was mid 60s and breezy all day Saturday. It also rained. There was no sun, just clouds. Jeans and sweatshirt were in order and I had neither. Thankfully my friends has a jacket for me to use. Now I will recall Ben's words each time I go away camping. Pack for 4 seasons.

Just like everyone else, I was wondering if I would get the chance to mow my lawn before it would rain again. My grass was long when I left and even longer when I got home. A brief look at the weather forecast told me the window of opportunity would be closing soon. So I put off the much needed- and wanted- shower and cut the grass. I wonder if my cohorts managed to do the same?


AletaR said...

No grass cutting at this house.

Hey Jo said...

I failed to mow the lawn yesterday.