Monday, June 14, 2010

Barney Stinson

I had me two more strange dreams last night. For once I actually remembered a chunk of both.

In the first dream, I was in a bar with some friends. But it wasn't a normal bar, nor was it my normal friends. I was in a bar on the set of How I Met Your Mother. I was a table with Flute Girl from American Pie (yeah I am too lazy to look her character's name or the actor's name up) and the newsgirl and Ted. I was actually myself.

We were sitting at table where we could spy on a friend's ex-girlfriend. She was there with her friends and we looking for some dirt. As we drank and snooped, our friend shows up and sit at a table right next to her. The guy turns out to be a friend of mine in the real world, a guy I used to work with. She sees him there and starts talking really loudly about her new boyfriend. She is marvelling about how good he is in bed. She then says his name is Barney Stinson. Upon hearing that we fell off our bar chairs as we leaned in to hear the name.

Then I woke up. It has been a while since I had a sitcom dream.

The second dream had me in another era. It felt more Victorian. I may have been in England too. The scene is a small stream. There is a crowd of people on one side listening to musicians play on the other side. I was in the crowd talking with a guy who was upset. He was upset that he was kicked out of the "band" across the stream. He kept saying how he was so much better than they were. I told him we should prove it and pulled out a big upright bass and began playing.

The "band" on the other side of the stream stopped playing as the crowd turned around to watch me. When I finished playing my piece- I wish I could remember if it was an actual song- the crowd let up a big cheer. The guy I was with pulled out a banjo and started playing. He told me to follow him as we walked across the bridge to the stage area where the "band" was. I recall walking over the stage in a tux, pushing the bass on a set of wheels at the base of the instrument.

When we got to the other side his banjo became a cello and we played another song. The other band then left and we put on a show.

For the record, I didn't eat any ice cream last night. There was no weird food consumed either. Just some strange dreams once again.

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AletaR said...

I seem to recall some discussion regarding banjo's this weekend. Maybe it was the song on the radio from the ever distasteful movie.