Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summerfest memories

Summerfest is a lot like going to Vegas. You get make your plans and get some tickets. As the date draws nearer you feel the excitement build. Once you get there it is a blast, drinking in excess and having a good time watching the bands.
But as the ‘Fest goes on, you begin to feel the toll. Your feet and legs feel the wear and tear of rocking around the grounds. You put on a little weight eating the food. Your wallet is quite a bit lighter.
Once it is over you feel a bit relieve, thinking you got your fill. Just like getting on a plane out of Sin City. You are done with it. You have fond memories but think you couldn’t take another day.
Then a couple months later you will begin to think… hey, they should begin releasing some show announcements any time now.
My feet were aching on Sunday morning. Maybe it was because I wore sandals on Saturday. Maybe it was 3 days of walking and standing. It doesn’t matter cuz those dogs were barking. I was happy that my toe ailment- the dreaded gout- had cleared up in time. There were no problems whatsoever.
The Scorpions were still awesome. Night Ranger put on another great show, as evidenced by comments by friends. The Offspring was ok and Bobby Friss delivered some fun.
Other notable acts from the 6 days I spent there:
The Barbeez- local band that has gotten better doing their rock covers.
Half Empty- Appleton group that I caught for the first time. Pretty good. Solid guitar player.
Led Zeppelin Too- Tribute band that made you feel like you were in the 70s. I like how they look like the band, not just sound like them.
Naughty Monkey- I caught a couple songs by these guys. Please, someone tell me that that short fat guy is not their normal lead singer. I thought he was joking with how he sang a Blink 182 tune. Uh, he wasn’t. It sounded like he was getting winded just from singing. Terrible.
Johnny Wad- Another band from up north, Green Bay way. Sounded much better than the show they put on at St. Romans a couple of years ago.
USAF Hot Brass- This Air Force band was fun to watch on Sunday. Whether it was them performing a rocking version of My Country Tis of Thee or the southern twang of the leader speaking between songs, they were highly entertaining playing a mix of rock, country, patriotic, folk, and dance. Hmm… maybe it was the tuba playing Led Zepplin at the end.
U.S. Army Volunteer Band- Caught them after the Air Force was done. I had seen the show last year and recalled that they were pretty good as well. Doing a mix of classic and hard rock, they put on an energetic show.
3 Beer til Dubuque- Meh. Ok. Nothing too memorable.

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