Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A walk down the block

I was cursing my procrastination as I looked outside the window. Clouds had rolled in and rain looked imminent. If I had gotten the cat food yesterday as planned I wouldn't be wet soon.

I took it as my punishment. I only had to walk around the corner go down the block to the pet store. Being rained on actually didn't sound too bad. I needed a shower anyways. 15 minutes earlier I was a sweaty mess. I cooled off, threw on shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals and headed to the pet store thinking no one would notice if I smelled in a pet store. By the way, I didn't smell, but a pet store would be the perfect cover.

Just as I turned the corner, I noticed the BMW and the Volvo. At first I thought the Volvo was trying to parallel park but hey were actually trying to leave. They went back and forth a couple of times before getting out. The thing was, the BMW was on and the driver was behind the wheel. Why didn't this asshole just back up a couple feet and make it a lot easier for the Volvo? She didn't. In fact, she waited a minute and ended up going in the same direction. Such an asshole move.

I did my good deed for the day holding open the door of the pet store as some elderly ladies left. Score me a karma point.

As I left the store, a little drama developed at the intersection. A little silver car and a UPS truck exchanged pleasantries. I didn't hear what the car said but the driver of the UPS truck gave a nice "Fuck you!" that was audible across the street. Damn! If only I left 20 second earlier I would have heard what the driver of the car said. I think the car was pissed the truck blocked the street as it waited to turn right. It wasn't the truck driver's fault that cars were parked on both sides of the street making it a narrow path to get through.

Things were looking up. Though the sky was dark there was no rain. That karma point was being used.

As I approached the end of the street, I noticed two guys coming down the block. These chunky dudes were just lumbering along until they suddenly stopped. One of them pulled something out of his pocket and cupped his hands. He then handed something over to his companion who put it to his mouth. I chuckled a bit thinking these guys were make great building girder inspectors in New York.

It began to rain as I climbed the steps to the back door. I hadn't expected that walk to be as interesting as it was. Guess procrastinating worked out well this time.

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