Saturday, November 27, 2010

And now the sprint begins

I survived the family, the food and a disappointing result of the Cowboys game. I knew they had a chance to win that game but I didn't realize it would be one flukely play that would do them in. Sigh.

What is it about a turkey dinner that leaves you feel stuffed? Ok, maybe I ate a bit more than I should have but I think it is one of those meals that you don't feel full when you really are. You only feel it when it is too late and your gut is gonna burst. I guess that is why there is football.

Dealing with the family was about what I expected. The oldest wanted to be annoying. She started hitting me with a pillow for no reason. Then she got her dad to give her my cell number and then rattled off 30 texts to me.. This is the kinda bullshit I don't like about getting together with these people. I can't smack the kid like I would like nor can I yell at her. She wouldn't listen anyways. And to think I am to buy her a Christmas present. I guess next year I dare her to cross the line. If she doesn't want to listen, she won't get anything from me. Hell, I'd do it.

Looking at my calendar, I now have about 17 days to get all of my shopping done. I have some time in Vegas and other time for moving some stuff. With my disdain for going to store I figure that I can get all of my shopping done online. I just need ideas by Wednesday at the latest. If not it is gift card central. I don't feel like sprinting around on a weekend getting stuff done.

About the only good thing was the beer. Hacker Pschorr Marzen. Though I had some the previous night it was still a nice surprise.

Just looking at this, it seems like I may be hard on my family. I think I am just different. It seems like they live for this stuff, that they don't get out enough and to see adults in a relaxed setting just makes their day. I hope I never fall back into that lifestyle.

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