Monday, November 15, 2010

Please cancel Undercover Boss

Some reality shows just aren't going to be on TV that long. You can tell the concept just doesn't lead to a show being renewed year after year. Others can but just fall apart with boring people.

I place the show Undercover Boss in that category. The first season was interesting with high profile companies participating. Season 2 seems to be the opposite. I guess they couldn't find any big corporations to participate so the ended up with those from the C list. Businesses that you may recognize but the fact is they company is looking for exposure.

Take last night as an example. Lucky Strike Lanes? I only know of them from my visits to Las Vegas. I didn't realize they had a number of centers across the country. After watching the show last night, I am surprised they are even profitable.

To sum it up, the CEO of Lucky Strike is a flake. He seemed to be wanting to be more family with his employees than a boss. Bringing up the death of his mother again and again was bad. I understand you miss her. But playing that last voicemail from her was rather creepy.

And what did you find out with your visits? That Hollywood has a Mr. Pin mascot uniform but there isn't a Mr. Bowling Ball. That New York has no break room for employees. That West Nyack is dead Monday thru Wednesday because they have no leagues. What? A bowling center that doesn't have leagues? WTF? Thank the guy in Houston who pointed out a real issue with the software systems.

But this flake from Lucky Strike was better than the liar from the Chicago Cubs. The guy owns the Cubs with his family. But he went out to check things out at the toilet that is Wrigley Field. There he couldn't clean a restroom, couldn't park cars straight, and couldn't sell hot dogs. In fact, he flat out lied to his employee when asked if he threw the last 4 dogs into the garbage. But that doesn't surprise this Brewers fan.. I always thought the Cubs were a cruddy organization. A lying boss just supports that premise.

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Hey Jo said...

I'm tired of the CEOs blubbering all the time.