Monday, November 01, 2010

Working from hom

I am working from home today. Trying to get some work done before the business trip. Trying to focus on getting some work done.

For me, that is the challenge. To stay focused when I am not in my usual work area. I may be too structured of a person. I like going to a work place because it helps me focus on what needs to be done. It also has the support structure in place to help me do a better job. I rely on my co-worker for some chat during the day to keep things going. We allow each other to vent or bounce ideas off of.

I wonder if my prior work experience makes it hard for me to work alone. For a year I was in an office by myself feeling like a monkey in a glass cage. When I moved I was around people again and that took some adjusting. Maybe it is a simple concept of having a designated "office" in which I work. I just turned around to look at the old Dell pc on a desk. If I moved that (dispose of actually), I could have a small place to get things done instead of moving crap on a table.

My flight to Boston is only 2 hours. I am going with something different today. I have no reading material but do have an audio book I can listen to. I am curious if I will like that. If I don't, I guess I could play games on my iPhone.

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