Friday, December 24, 2010

Be careful out there

Over the past 3 days, I have seen 3 big accidents on the highway. Each one has been bigger than the previous. First a single car rollover, then a two car collision involving a wall, followed by a car going into a wall and hitting another while a truck piled into the back of car.Each one has puzzle me as to why/how it happened. Each one appears to be the driver's fault.

It isn't like the roads were wet. We have had dry conditions over the past couple of days. It isn't like they were going around a bend or curve. The accidents occurred on straight stretches of road. And traffic wasn't busy at the time of the accidents either. One was at 4:30 pm while the other two were at 6:45 am-ish. Milwaukee traffic is mild at those times, especially this morning where there was very little traffic.

Basically it appears that these people were being really stupid. They had to make quick moves across the road for the car to roll over or go head first into the median wall. Plain stupid driving.

So be careful out there people. Families will be on the road. Even I, a guy who usually drives 10-15 above the speed limit, am tempering my speeds. Please do so yourself.

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