Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stop the FCC

Work has been Hell this week. Not rough or a trying. Nope. Just a royal bore. Nothing is going on. It is a slow week before a major holiday. Few people are around. And yet I need to be there.

My reward is having next week off. I think I can make it.

Today I found myself shaking my head at some people I like and respect. It was all these retweets from Al Franken, the senator from Minnesoata, calling for people to sign a stupid petition to ensure net neutrality. In other words, he was causing a diversion and mustering up some fear to take your attention away from the government trying to regulate the internet via the FCC.

It is quite funny. Some want you to think eeeevvvvillll corporations are going to dominate the internet and prevent you from either viewing content or forcing you to a slower connection. Yet no one has any proof that this has happened or that it will happen. It is a fear tactic plain and simple.

Reason has a video that helps explain why net neutrality is a joke.

Remember, it is these eeeeeevvvvviilllll companies that brought you the internet. That invested tons of money into the infrastructure and compete tooth and nail to get your business. Why would they suddenly try to control what you want on the internet?

Again, the FCC is trying to regulate the internet. They are trying to bypass Congress and somehow become the self appointed cops of the internet. It is the government that is taking steps to control the content you view. Hopefully Congress will step in and stop the FCC early next year. The governments involvement in anything seems to make things worse.

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