Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scheduled laziness

I love having days off with little to do. Waking up when I want, bumming around the house with no pressing matters, watching whatever crap is on TV. I think it helps to recharge the batteries.

I have a couple little things scheduled for the week. Cleaning up some clutter around the house. Putting away Christmas gifts. Some shopping for a party later this week. Otherwise my only goal is to not eat like a pig and make sure I get some exercise.

Oh, and a haircut. Gonna try and break away from my guy and getting a haircut in the kitchen to a regular barbershop. Funny thing, the shop opened in the space he used to run himself. Seems a bit weird but I guess he is still making money since they need to pay rent.

Think I'll watch a movie now. Not sure what but I am sure I can find something on Netflix.

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