Monday, December 20, 2010

Come and gone

For the most part my Christmas festivities are over. I did the family thing this past weekend. I have some engagements (doesn't that sound fancy) this week but nothing big. Thankfully it means I don't have to shop anymore.

This year was different than the others. Much different. The kids weren't bratty. The oldest was acting like an adult. And the youngest had an idea of what was going on. Though I am not much of a family guy, I did have a good time this year. Maybe it was the Italian beef sandwiches.

The hardest part was dealing with our mother. She has been through a lot this year, little for the good. Her health has severely declined. As a result she has had to move in with my sister. Taking care of her will be no easy feat. My mother, as much as a I love her, can be a brat herself. That is how she acted this Saturday. I know I couldn't deal with that on a daily basis. Not sure how my sister and her husband will.The good news was she hasn't been like that. Hopefully she will snap out of it and once again be the strong woman I know.


Yesterday was probably the last time I will ever be at the house I grew up in. I stopped by to pick up a washer and dryer that should still work. Maybe I should have confirmed that before I went through the process of renting a truck and collecting the two appliances. For once it all went smoothly so I can't complain.

But walking through the house was strange. It was empty, except for the refrigerator and stove. Everything else was gone. It was quite strange walking through the empty house. Each room bare, stripped away of childhood memories. I could visualize what furniture had been where, thinking about how things hadn't been moved in over 40 years. 40 years!

Walking through the basement was something. All the stuff that used to clutter the space. I though of the times as a kid we would be down there riding our bikes in the winter or roller skating. Play bowling with softballs. Things only a kid's mind can conjure.

It is for the better. My mother wasn't taking care of the place. She knew it too. I tried to keep it up myself with the lawncare and snow removal but there are some things I just don't know how to do inside. I did my best though.

I'll miss that house. Hopefully another family is able to move in, fix it up and create some memories of their own.


AletaR said...

I'm happy that you have all those good memories. Roller skating in the basement was the best. We had a few poles in our basement and if you got going pretty good you could swing around the pole. Sometimes it didn't work out to well.
P.S.-just wondering if you are a part-timer now? Think I may be the only one working today.

Hey Jo said...

Cherish those memories. They sound great.

I think of that now and see how my sister has basically let the house that my parents used to take such good care of go to shit. She does nothing as far as maintenance. Hell, she doesn't even keep it clean.

hehe... my verification word is wookies.