Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reality show results etiquette

The internet is a fun and amazing thing. And social media sites can add to the enjoyment as they let you stay in touch with your friends. Until your friends screw up your television viewing by blabbing the results of a TV show before you have the chance to watch it.

I know because I was guilty of doing this one time myself. I felt the wrath of my friends when I made a comment about someone being eliminated from the Amazing Race one night last year. Thing is, I learned my lesson. One must assume the responsibility that some knowledge comes with.

In other words, keep it to yourself before you blab the results! Furhtermore, don't back up your spoiler results with some lame excuse like "I told you I love this show". Nope, that ain't gonna cut it. Unless you are a liberal and then you don't think you need to accept responsibility for anything.

But now you may be wondering, "If I cannot tweet/post/status the results of {insert reality show here}, when can I?" Now that is a good question. A question you should have asked yourself before you blew a show for others you twit!

One would think there is an internet standard for this. Well, there could be but I am too lazy to look something like that up. I have enjoyed some nice beers so I am extra lazy to look it up. Bell's Hell Hath No Fury Dubbel Ale, Tyranena Sheepshagger Scotch Ale, and Dark Horse Boffo Brown Ale may dictate you skip them Google skills.

So I think back to what happened when I was chastised for ruining an episode of the Amazing Race. I came up with the solution of 24 hours. One should wait 24 hours from the end of the show until they talk about it on any social media site. No tweets, no status update, no whatever someone might do on MySpace if they actually use MySpace still, and no blogs. It gives people plenty of time to avoid conversations about the show and not be hijacked by miscellaneous posting by there so-called friends about the episode. If someone waits more than 24 hours to watch then they are on their own.

It works. 24 hours people. Be respectful of your friends that DVR things. Or you may find you cable out the next time you want to watch your favorite show.

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