Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big 4 thoughts Part 1

My trip to Cali to see the Big 4 was awesome. Heck, it was better than awesome. The weather was nice. The condo was fantastic. The company was great. The poker players at the casino sucked and helped pay for the trip. Oh, and the show was UNFUCKIN' BELIEVABLE!!!!!

I really don't know where to start. So I am not sure where I will. For once I didn't have a direct flight and ended up with a layover in Phoenix. I felt weird in the airport as I was the only one wearing a leather jacket and shoes. It seemed like everyone in the place was wearing flip flops. WTF people?

By the time I got into California, the sun was down and my comrades, Joe Speaker, BadBlood, and AlCantHang had already started the drinking. Thankfully they decided that one more drink was needed before the 90 minute trip to Indio.

I was pleasantly surprised when we pulled into a Hooters. Again, right up my alley. The girls were cute if not a bit more ditsy than I am usual. I chalk it up to the state I was in.

The drive to Indio, the location of the show, wasn't too long. The time flew on by as we zipped down the highway. I think the condo we had rented was actually in La Quinta. I am not sure if La Quinta is a town or a section of Indio. But there we were inside some gated community get checked in by a guard. After a bit of time we were settled in, drinking Glenlivit, and playing Big Deuce.

Somehow I got the short straw and had to drop off Joe Speaker at the golf course. It was in the morning that I walked out and was surprised to see the mountains right by the condo. I hadn't noticed those when we arrived. Then again it was dark out.

I took notes as Joe went down one road, took a left, went further, took a right and basically kept repeating the process. I had to find my way back to the condo somehow so I just wrote down street names. Somehow it worked.

More to come..

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