Monday, April 25, 2011

The silliness that is CNN

I don't watch my news on TV anymore. I like to take it in via the internet whether it be the local newspaper or maybe a larger news site. It allows me to sift through what actually interests me.

This morning was different. I had crashed at the house of Joe Speaker and awoken to find he had CNN on. I was a tad surprised it wasn't Sportscenter but it was a good change of pace from the barrage of Sunday sports.

I have read how much of a farce CNN is nowadays. It's ratings have plummeted and it is no longer the chosen news station of cable viewers. Not by a long shot. After watching it for roughly an hour, I can see why. They don't cover news

The big news today is the Royal Wedding. That isn't news. Its Monday and they are going on and on about what is happening this weekend and isn't real news. Worse yet they run a story targeted at people like me. It is for people that don't care about the wedding but why you should. Why I should? Screw you CNN. I don't need to care about the wedding. Don't give me no history bullshit and why it matters. Hell, when Clinton's butt ugly daughter got married a couple years back I didn't care. When Bush's daughter got married I didn't care. I don't have to care about something that has absolutely no effect on me. Got it?

Between stories of the wedding they covered tornados in Missouri. Then they had a silly story called “What Would Jesus Cut?” about the deficit where they showed the President speaking to a group of people in California. Of course Obama misrepresents the conservative point of and blabbers on about how much people make. But then its back to the Royal Wedding and a quiz about who was and who wasn't invited to the fuckin' wedding!

I begin to wonder if Joe Speaker would notice I changed the channel. I think he is seeing if he could push me to the brink of my sanity.

Next was a contest where you could text them what story you wanted to see in the next half hour. Really? You give me 3 stupid stories and think I should take my time to text in what I want to watch? No wonder no one watches this station.

Now I am in an airport in Ontario, California listening to more of this drivel. The pace hasn't changed. More wedding news. No business news, no sports, and they cover weather when they talk about the tornados.

Flight is now delayed 10 minutes. Ugh. I may have to strangle myself with the Mac cord. That would be better than having to listen to CNN. I'd go have a drink at the bar but that is on the other side of the terminal away from my gate and we will boarding soon.

Here's to hoping Phoenix is much better.

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