Thursday, April 14, 2011

I can die peacefully now

This story caught my eye much earlier in the day. World's first 3D porn film opens in Hong Kong. How does the title of that story not just catch your attention, make you want to read the story, but also hope that there is a video clip attached?

3D porn. Wow! That just gets the mind racing. But think too much and it gets disturbing. Guys will love to see some hot porn actress naked and her rack coming out at them. But as soon as a guy gets in the scene and drop his pants, they'll think twice when it appears his schwanz is gonna stick them in the eye.

But then again this is Asian porn. Those guys got small dicks. I know. Eddie Murphy told me in Delirious. Rice dicks. If you don't remember that bit then I feel sorry for you.

The thought of 3D porn is funny. How far can they go with hit. Some T&A coming at you. Penis in your lap. There are only so many body parts that seem to work with the concept.

The best part of the story is how many people lined up to see the movie. Both men and women. It would seem like a guaranteed handjob in the theater if you could sit next to one of the many women in the crowd. I hope to hear of a baby boom in 9 months. Sure it might seem coincidental but I would give credit to the flick.

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