Monday, April 18, 2011

Leaks everywhere

Today was a busy day. It wasn't a rough day. It was a productive one. A Monday that quickly had me forgetting an enjoyable weekend and had me working from the moment I arrived at work.

I was quite glad to get out of work and to get some exercise. It really helps to sweat out any stress. But little things were there to remind me of other problems. Like the trap that gave me problems when I tried to fix it.

The drain was slow. It is a recurring problem. The pipe from the sink to the trap gets gunked up. A black rubber gunk that hugs the pipe. Along with the black gunk is some grayish goo that looks like a horse's snotball. It used to be that I could pop the trap off, clear out the drainpipe, reattach it and enjoy a beer.

But that didn't happen. Last time I put it back together the trap fell apart. It was old so that wasn't too surprising. The replacement trap was just a bit tight. I was able to get it hooked up correctly and it functioned fine. This time it took a bit more time to hook up and it ended leaking on top instead of the bottom.

No problem. Replace the washer on the top. That should solve the problem. Well, almost. It leaked a bit on the first day but has now stopped. Not sure how/why it went like that but it isn't a problem anymore.

That wasn't as bad as the laundry tub collapsing. Yep, two of the legs on the laundry tab gave away on Saturday. A bunch of lint appeared to clog up the drain. My guess is that the tub filled up with too much water and the front legs just gave way. The plastic bowed out on all 3 sides of the leg. For now I have some paint cans underneath to provide the support it needs. Not sure what I'll do in the long run.

I just hope nothing else breaks. I won't have the time to deal with any of that this week. I have bigger things to get done. I can think of 4 of them right now.


AletaR said...

My guess at the 4 things:
Feed Pumpkin
Check out Bert's beer selection
Confirm flight
Play daily Wheel of Fortune

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