Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just an organized dump

I recall going to the dump as a kid. It wasn't in the City of Milwaukee but up north. Town of Athelstane I believe. If the garbage piled up at my grandparent's cottage they would put the entire can in the trunk and make the 5 mile trip to the dump.

It seemed like such a cool place. A big pit dug out in the sandy ground. I'd watch as my dad and grandfather would each grab a can and walk up to the edge of the pit. Then they would just dump the garbage into the big hole. So simple but something that never was done in the city.

After they would put the cans back in the trunk of the car my grandfather would walk the perimeter of the pit, looking at what had been tossed. He was always looking for something that was still good. You know. One man's garbage is another man's treasure. Once in a blue moon he found something that he could easily fix up and use. Made him proud to get something for free.

I thought about that dump up north when I went to the recycling center today. Let's face it. The only difference between what they call a recycling center and that pit up north is organization. Instead of tossing your old stuff into a pit that could be covered with sand, you tossed them into a dumpster or metal container. A worker checks your ID and you tell them what you have. They point you to the correct container.

I had a vehicle full of old electronics. That sonafabitch TV, my first PC, an answering machine, VCR, DVD player, and a printer. The TV was the real pain in the ass. Thankfully I was able to pull right up to the container and could roll it out of the back of the Rogue and right into the container. I was in and out of the dump within 5 minutes. Best yet, it didn't cost me anything.

And for the record, the TV wasn't working properly. The picture would go in and out. When it went out I could smack the top of it to get it to come back on. Kinda like giving it the old Fonzie touch. It worked out fine for a couple of months. But soon I wasn't giving it a Fonzie smack but was raining down hammerfists like Brock Lesnar. That is when I realized it was time to get a new TV.

Now that I have a nice clean and open room, I can look at buying a new bed. I can't wait to get a good night's sleep again. Of course I probably won't go in and get a bed for a couple weeks. Laziness does set in. Unless I buy it on the internet...

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SirFWALGMan said...

dude your first PC would be like an Antique.. I think you shoulda sold that bitch on E-Bay!