Monday, April 11, 2011

TV 3 Me 0

I gave in today.When I saw the TV still by the alley I knew the only person moving that TV would be me. The TV beat me.

I figure two things would have happened. Some kids would have come by and broken it up leaving a mess for me to clean up. And I still would have had to take the TV into a recycling place.

The other thing would have pissed me off. If I had left the TV out, the city probably would have left a notice on my door telling me to move it immediately. And they probably would have given me a fine as well. The TV probably pissed off the nosy old lady in the neighborhood over the weekend. I bet that old coot would have been on the phone first thing in the morning.

So I packed up my Rogue with the other stuff I had to take in to the recycling center and will make the trip in over my lunch time. I am just hoping they have a cart that I can toss the TV onto because I ain't trying to carry that damn thing any further that a foot or two out of my vehicle.

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RedXBranch said...

If the tv works you could call a local nursing home and find out if any of the residents are in need of a tv for their room. Donate it, Bro...may end up being a tax write off, too.